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Bogota has a wonderful nightlife, it is possible to find Bars, Nightclubs, pubs and restaurants of all possible styles; it is guaranteed that every single taste will be satisfied. Bogota is considered to have one of the best gastronomical offers in Latin America, the Latin blood of its residents makes them assist to the local nightclubs to show their dancing skills; also it is possible to find more relaxing plans like having a drink or a coffee in many places around the city, like cultural and recreational activities; all these makes Bogota a wonderful destination if interested in the night life.

Despite of having anything to do during the entire year, the main days for going out are on Fridays and Saturdays, however every day of the week has something to offer. It is important to not forget that the city is located 2.600 m.a.l.s., therefore is a good idea to take a warm jacket when going out, also by law the party places in Bogota are obliged to close at 3 a.m.

To make this guide easier to read we will divide the city in sections, we will indicate the cost and the time to get there and the offers you can find in every one of these places.


DN Bogota centre



DN in Candelaria



Museums in Bogota


Considered as the hearth of Bogota, this is an ideal space for those looking for tradition, colonial architecture, and bohemian environments. Formed by the CANDELARIA (where the hostel is located), La Macarena (10 minutes from the hostel by taxi, aprox. 8.000 COP, $US5 or 20 minutes by bus) and the International Center (10 minutes from the hostel by taxi, aprox. $8.000 COP, $US5).

RESTAURANTS:This area of the capital has novelty and excellent gastronomical choices, with both National and International Chefs, with unique and innovative environments and offers for all tastes. The neighborhood of LA CANDELARIA has a perfect environment for a nice dinner due to its stone streets and the history of the capital which is present in all of its houses; The area of LA MACARENA is known by its parks and places where visitors can breathe pure air (besides this area has the best gastronomical offer of the city) and last but not least the INTERNATINAL CENTER, a financial, commercial and hotel sector.

Restaurants with American food (Andreson’s), Mexican (Agave Azul), Fusion (El Olivar), International (El Son de Los Grillos), seafood (El Mar de la Candelaria), Spanish (Gaudí), Italian (El Patio) and off course the delicious Colombian cuisine (Casa Vieja), this is an endless list. Prices are in a range of $12.000 COP, aprox. $US5,5 a $40.000 COP, aprox. $US18.

NIGHTCLUBS: This area of the city doesn’t have the best offer in nightclubs, although some good places can be founded, specially places where the University students of the area go to party after classes. The most representative places of the area are: The End, electronic music club famous for having its doors open until the next morning. Another known place is Candelario and SALON CONTINENTAL, electronic music as well. On Wednesdays, and a t a walking distance from the hostel, there is a place called QUIEBRACANTO, usually it is a salsa bar but this day there is a DJ mixing Colombian music with other beats. 

The entrance fees goes from $10.000 COP y $30.000 COP, aprox. $US5 - $US15 a beer could cost between $5.000 COP $US2 and $10.000 COP, aprox. $US5.

CINEMA: At 10 minutes by taxi from the hostel aprox. $8.000 COP, $US4 there is a great cinema called Multiplex Embajador, Cine Colombia there are different movies at different times in very modern and comfortable rooms. The entrance costs aprox. $20.000 COP, $US11.

THEATER: Walking around the candelaria there are different theaters, the most famous one is the TEATRO LIBRE where different plays of all types are presented.


DN Bogota city centre


At 15 minutes by taxi, $10.000 COP, $US5 is the financial center of the city, for this reason many commercial places decided to establish its businesses in this busy area of the city, restaurants, book stores and cafes.

RESTAURANTS:An ideal area for a business lunch, romantic dinners or just to enjoy one of the best culinary options in the city. Asian Food (Buda Gardens), Argentinean Parrillas (El Porteño), Swiss (Divino Swiss House), or even fast food (El cotidiano). Prices are in a wide range accordingly to every restaurant between $12.000 COP, aprox. $US5,5 y $40.000 COP, aprox. $US18.

NIGHTCLUBS: A Little trip in taxi to the south of the city, $5.000 COP, aprox $US2, will take you to CHAPINERO, an area where University students gather after classes, here you can find different nightclubs and bars. Although many bars in this area are not the most luxurious ones in the city, traveler scan find places where the Latin-American music invite locals and foreigners to dance. Bars like Bar B, which has 2 environments with 2 different types of music, IN VITRO is known for been the party place on TUESDAYS NIGHTS, or LA ESQUINA DEL TANGO, this shows the variety that Bogota has to offer when talking about nightlife. Entrances fees are among $10.000 COP and $20.000 COP, aprox. $US5 - $US10 and a beer could cost $5.000 COP $US2.


DN Bogota Concert


DN North of Bogota


Bogo14 DN Zona Rosa


The most famous nightlife place in the city is located at only 15 minutes from the hostel by taxi ($12.000 COP, aprox. $US7). The T zone is a pedestrian street where a night walk is an amazing experience, surrounded by all kinds of boutiques and stores, a very exclusive area full of elegance and safetiness.

RESTAURANTS: Perfect place to plan a dinner before a night out. Restaurants like WOK (fusion kitchen focusing in Asian food), PUBS which offer an excellent menus, like the BBC, “el techo mejicano” or to enjoy a typical Colombian dinner we recommend “la plaza de Andres”, visitors may also find fast food places like “la Mona” or Burger King. Prices are very variable according to the restaurant, but they oscillate between $12.000 COP, aprox. $US5,5 y $40.000 COP, aprox. $US18.

NIGHTCLUBS: This area offers a considerable amount of night clubs and the satisfaction of all likes and tendencies is guaranteed, from the electronic places (casa jaguar o alma) where national and international DJ’s are presenting; places where electronic rhythms are mixed with local music (gavanna or maroma) or places where the Latin-American music will put all people in the place to dance (La Casa de la cerveza). This area of the city hosts the BEST PLACE TO PARTY in all Bogota Andres D.C., famous for its good food and for having a unique atmosphere to have the best night while you are in Bogota; many tourists have described this place like anything they have seen before.

PUBS AND CAFES: Besides of all the good nightclubs to dance, there are also excellent coffee places(Juan Valdés), Pubs (BBC, the Pub, Beer station) and cocktails places (Tirana, ISOLA o Pravda here you can find the best martinis of Colombia) all these places are perfect to have a good conversation while you grab a bite or enjoy a nice coffee, beer or cocktail.

Prices are very variable, entry fees in the places goes from $10.000 COP, aprox. $US5 to $20.000 COP, aprox. $US10, all the places charge from Thursday till Saturday, usually in weekdays they don’t charge to get in. Consumption inside is very variable too, a beer might cost from $7.000 COP, aprox. $US3 to $10.000 COP, aprox. $US10.

MOVIES:The shopping centers of the area have modern and comfortable movie theaters. The entrance fee is aprox.$20.000 COP, $US11.


DN fiesta zona t - 93 Bogota






A ride of 15 minutes from the hostel by taxi ($12.000 COP, aprox. $US7). This is perhaps the most exclusive zone of the city, the quality of the places, the safetiness, la beauty of the park, and its atmosphere makes the park a perfect place to have a pleasant night.  

RESTAURANTS:The offer as in all the other sectors is very wide, normally prices are high. Japanese restaurants like Hatsuhana, Colombian cuisine like Gaira Café, Cuban like Habana 93 or Peruvian like EL GALERON PERUANO, among many other styles the park of the 93 street is perfect to enjoy the gastronomy Bogotá has to offer.

NIGHTCLUBS: The most famous nightclub in the park is EL SALTO DEL ANGEL where the environment is perfect to learn how to dance new Latin-American rhythms. Another nightclub is KUKARAMAKARA which is usually organizing theme parties. Electronic nightclubs like LOV, just salsa places like galleria café libro or reggae like CONGO, as you see you can find any possible style while hanging around the park.

PUBS AND CAFES: But if you prefer to just have a coffee or a drink there are bars like the BBC, Gitana (excellent cocktails and lounge style), London Calling, Red Lion, The beer Lounge ….. Another excellent options in the park is one of the best wine bars of the city, the wine cellar



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