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The Old Haunt Bar



The Old Haunt Bar

They came from the Old Europe willing to leave everything behind and start all over again. Their societies called them unsuitables. Frustrated from the monotony of work and exhausted from the day after day, they decided to follow the footprints of their nomad ancestors and to find out about the festivals, parties and festivities full of beer that the word of mouth was taking about.

It was the XVIth Century. Nomads, carpenters, adventurers, blacksmiths, ex-convicts and sailors raised their sails and docked in the new world. A heavy backpack and an old guide book joined the trip of their lives. But the long and dangerous road was going to be easy next to the tough journey that will have to go through in the fun roads of the new world.

Worn-out, sleepy, with hanger and little money, a few minorities of young travellers arrived. The excitement took place after the cold, the sickness and the long days of walk that couldn’t defeat them. Downhill, there was a fairly large town for the time. Within the old houses, there were laughs, music, the warmth of party and the toasts of the glasses.

It’s a purple and white house with a stretch old door. The Old Haunt is the place to chill out, get a drink, recover the hang over or get a new one while making new friends, some more luxurious than others.

The Old Haunt has kept that way. It’s a place where different languages take place. Where passing out playing “4 Kings” is ideal to conclude the night. Where the Irish lad becomes the show with his cross-dressing number. The American girl pisses after so much laugh.  The Argentinean plays the guitar drinking “Mate”, and the Australian mate yell out cheering the Wallabies while the Englishman explains the rules to the local and another Colombian replays “If you invented the game and know the rules so well, why you do keep on loosing?”

The Old Haunt, it’s the place to meet up.

By: Metaphysic