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Since the conquest, Colombia has been a Catholic country, and Religion has directly influenced the development of its architecture and people. Around the city you can find some sanctuaries that generate Interest because of the role they played in the cultural development of the region. You can also find stunning Natural Parks close to the city and places where you can practice extreme sports enjoying the nature and a great experience in Colombia.

Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira


Located in one of the largest salt deposits in the world, it began to be exploited intensively in 1816, however is known about the  continuous use by the natives of the region. The Cathedral is the result of the religious fervor that was professed by the miners, It was built between 1951 and 1954; its area is 5500 m2 and it can accommodate up to 8000 people, but it had to be closed in 1991 due to a structural failure. The new cathedral opened in 1994 is 60m below the original but it keeps a lot of surprises that will surely marvel the visitors.

You can also watch a 3D movie about the mine, you can follow the route of the miner and visit the museum of the brine or use the climbing wall. Rates are between $ 20,000 and $ 38,000 COP.

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One of the most important religious shrines in the country, visited by many people on Sunday to remember the fervor generated by the centuries-old image of the patron Virgin of Colombia, who is attributed making all kinds of miracles and favors. 

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The park is located about an hour from Bogota , with its lonely and cloudy landscapes you can see diversity of flora and enjoy its stunning environment. Chingaza is a factory of water with gaps such as Siecha and Chingaza, glacials, and the grand dam of Chuza that supplies water to the capital. 

Activities Permitted 
• Ecotourism of adventure: mountaineering guided mode "No camping hiking" into the gaps. 
• Ecotourism naturalistic: observation of lakes, lagoons and creeks; “paramo” flora observation, and observation of wild ducks , eagles, hummingbirds, bakers, tiles, tanagers...
• Ecotourism Educational: Field trips and environmental education for schools, colleges, universities  and family groups. 


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It's a great cloud forest located just 30 minutes from Bogotá where you can find ancient forests, beautiful waterfalls, stunning lookouts and magical paths framed by the majestic “Tequendama” Mountains. You can also enjoy watching various species of flora and fauna in its many trails, that can be covered on foot or by renting horses; it has a housing shelter that provides all the comfort of the city in the midst of this natural paradise.

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The hill that protrudes into the mountain range that borders the towns of Tabio and Tenjo, is not only known for the amazing view it offers of  the Sabana de Bogotá, but it has also attributed qualities associated with paranormal activity and UFO sightings. It is framed by ancient Indian trade and settlement roads, natural caves and tunnels formed by the dense vegetation. This is an incredible place for camping activities.

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The park is just 20 minutes from Bogotá, on the way to Cota, a natural setting that serves as a shelter for a variety of native plants and animal species; this Park teaches  the public the best way to relate to Mother Nature without harming or damaging the natural balance. The place is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm.  Additionally, it has permanent exhibits: butterfly habitat (18 species native to Colombia), tropical Aviary (19 species of birds and 12 species of reptiles), Wetland “de la Sabana", hotspot (Pets, reptiles and amphibians), three paths through Andean forest and playground games with an innovative and interpretive aim to replicate the behavior of wild animals. As an option for children and their parents, there are also  workshops of the environment available.

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It's a small town in the mountains, twenty minutes from the city. You can make trips by day or night on horseback or ATV's (all terrain vehicles), enjoying the diversity of landscapes offered by the region and enjoying the local food prepared in the most traditional colombian style. To get there you can take a bus on the corner of Calle 72 and Carrera 11, but the majority of tourism enterprises provide transportation services there and back. More info at the Tourist Office of La Calera Tel: (+571) 8600032-33 (+571) 8602675 Cel. (+57) 3112041280.

Photo: Small Pension further north of Calera right after the town of Guasca.



It is located 36 kilometers southeast of Bogotá. Thanks to its natural characteristic it has become a touristic place, its thermal water are visited by many people searching for relaxation and rest. On the way to this town you can appreciate natural beauties.


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