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"Because the only better thing than having a dream is living it"

  • phone: +57(1)3520932 / cell +57 321 4073328 | Address: Calle 11 # 1-38


Our hostel is a full rennovated colonial style house, located in a  safe and   exciting   area of   Bogota's centre. It's a cozy and a good spot to meet other fellow travellers and a place to leave your backpack behind for a while.

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Deals of the month: Valide until the 15th/04/18

1. Come and go: If you are planning to come back to Bogota and you have stayed with us, get 10% OFF from your whole new stay.

2. Nomads travelling: Get a full BBQ and a Mojito if you are coming with 3 of your mates or more (friday BBQ day) 

And here, some opinions from our travellers:

"It's a really nice hostel - nice location, awesome staff, close to the center but relaxed! It's also a safe place so you can enjoy at max!! I stayed there like 2 months and really enjoyed every day..." Sikubali, California. (taken form tripadvisor)

By: Metaphysic